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We offer paper advent calendar for every wallet. Our cardboard advent calendar with glitter is a real must for everyone who likes it nostalgically. The ideal gift calendar for everyone who has demands. You have probably already collected some gift ideas, but have you ever asked yourself how to give a friend or a friend a happy advent calendar? Paper Advent Calendar with Pictures Bergen A Surprise: You not only have the charm of nostalgic gifts, but also delight every day with opening the door. As a rule, the backbild complements the action on the front of the paper Advent calendar. We offer many variants: paper advent calendar for sending, paper advent calendar with glitter, advent calendar paper large in the format. The advent calendars in the nostalgic style are particularly popular!


Advent calendar without chocolate: the perfect alternative

It doesn't always have to be chocolate! Nutritional parents prefer the enjoyment of the sweets of their children in moderation. Therefore, our advent calendars without chocolate are a real alternative. Also a back picture, which supplements the motif on the front of the Advent calendar, is joy and remains until Christmas Eve. Advent calendars without chocolate are the original form of the advent calendar and a real alternative for those who want to do without sweets. Our cardboard advent calendars are all made in Stuttgart, quality from the Swabia country. Many of our advent calendars without chocolate are particularly interesting for adults and children because they tell a story that continues a bit every day.
Our paper advent calendar is already available for less than four euros, a small gift or souvenir, which will give joy for 24 days for little money. A real alternative to the expensive, filled advent calendars, because Santa Claus and Christmas Eve will be given again!


When was the first paper advent calendar printed?

Gerhard Lang (1881 - 1974), a pastor's son from the Swabian Maulbronn is considered the inventor of the first printed, albeit still windowless advent calendar. This came onto the market in Munich in 1908. At that time it was called Christmas calendar. Colored drawings could be cut out of a box and gradually glued onto a cardboard motif. This created a colorful picture of Christmas Eve. From 1945, Richard Sellmer then launched the cardboard Advent calendar with doors to open the market.

We still have this first advent calendar in our program today and is still very popular.