A glittering machine for Sellmer Advent Calendars

So the glitter comes to the advent calendar.

What shouldn't be missing for most people on an advent calendar? Correct! Glitter! Because only the glitter makes the advent calendar really Christmas.

Have you ever wondered how the glitter gets the Christmas calendar? At Richard Sellmer Verlag there is already For almost 80 years Advent calendar with glitter. In the past, the glitter was applied by hand. The advent calendar, to which glue was already applied, ran over a assembly line. On the side of the assembly line, employees who had shells with glitter were in front of them. You now took one of the advent calendars from the assembly line and had to pull it through the bowl and he shone in a Christmas glow.

With ever larger number of orders, it became increasingly impossible to do the adhesive of the calendar in this way. It just took too long. Now good advice was expensive! Because there was no glittering machine on the market. But what would be a Swabian inventor if he had been put off by it. Tim Sellmer, the son of the company founder pondered, worked and tinkered and thought: Even the man is! And so he briefly developed and built a machine in the 1970s.

And since then the good piece has always been (almost) reliable and provides our advent calendar with the last Christmas splendor. Admittedly, the machine has been getting old in the meantime and repairs have to be made. But even today, you look in vain for a glittering machine that could apply mica to our calendars in large quantities.

And so the good piece is caught and maintained and is used for you almost every day even after over 50 years. And we hope and wish that you are still faithful to work for many, many years!

So that you can get an idea of ​​how the glittering machine works, we have created a film here: