What makes Christmas so nostalgic?

What makes Christmas so nostalgic?

No festival of our western culture is as much connected to memories and nostalgia as Christmas. Are we not looking for everyone, especially at Christmas for contemplation, cosiness and adhering to traditions that we have often known and loved since childhood? For example, Christmas traditions are passed on for generations, such as nostalgic Christmas decorations, Christmas customs or in some families even the Christmas dinner that is the same every year. Nostalgic pictures decorate the Christmas decorated, traditional cookies are baked year after year and makes Christmas nostalgic every year as we do not experience the rest of the year at any other time.

What does nostalgia actually mean?

Wikipedia writes: nostalgia denotes a longing to turn to past objects or practices. Nostalgia can refer to both your own life and to not experienced times (so -called Collective nostalgia). The word is derived from Latin nostalgia („Homesickness“), That itself on the Greek Words νόστος Nóstos ("Return, return home") and ἄλγος Álgos ("Pain").

And so we all long after the Christmas festivals of our childhood, after a time when Christmas had a great spell on us and we could hardly wait for Christmas to finally be there. Hopefully everyone has nice memories of the Christmas parties of their childhood and would like to experience this magic of Christmas again. Due to the always the same traditional and nostalgia in the Christmas season, we are returned to our childhood.

Many of the Advent calendars from the Sellmer Verlag with their nostalgic Christmas motifs have the origin in times by the past times and fit wonderfully to their nostalgic Christmas decoration. And who knows, maybe you even know one or the other motif from your childhood.

How you can make Christmas nostalgically

Without lights, smells, gifts would not be Christmas. Already at the end of November, but at the latest for the 1st Advent, lights are hung in the house and garden and make the dark season brighter. Captain scent moves in with the start of the Christmas bakery and the first gifts are taken care of. Nutcrackers and Christmas crib find their way out of the basement into the living room, Christmas pictures are hung up and a suitable, nostalgic Christmas tree decorations are spotted and, if necessary, supplemented.

The nostalgia advent calendar from the Sellmer Verlag as decoration is a wonderful addition and complete the Christmas decorations. You may still know this vintage and nostalgia motifs from your childhood and are still popular with old and young. Many advent calendars are from the 60s, 70s and 80s and make hearts beat faster with their old Christmas pictures.

But not only for them our nostalgia advent calendar shorten the waiting time until Christmas, they are also a wonderful gift for family members and friends and conjure up a smile in the face in the morning.