Advent calendar with painted motifs enchant the pre -Christmas time

It doesn't always have to be chocolate! There are more than enough sweets and gifts in the Advent and Christmas. So it's good to reflect on the simple one! An advent calendar with pictures, as in the good old days, is just the thing. Especially with such beautiful and original designs as from Sellmer Verlag.

A Christmas motif with many pictures and details behind 24 doors

We attach great importance to the design of the reverse images as on the front. It is particularly important to us that the pictures behind the doors make sense. We are very strict with our graphic artists. The backbild should complement the front, yes, continue. This is how doors are created for doors Small stories that the advent calendar tells. The imagination is stimulated and it is just fun to discover how it is Advent calendar continued to develop every day. Adults certainly enjoy it as much as children. So we have a lot of Christmas motifs that have their special charm, especially for adults. Nostalgic motifs that tell of Christmas by past times!


Advent calendar with pictures

Our advent calendars are small works of art!

Discover yourself. The designs drawn sophisticated and in elaborate explanations. From the relatively simple, flat calendar, which can be hung up to the Three -dimensional, set up Christmas calendar with backdrop. Some of our newly designed advent calendars are still fully drawn by hand today. Both historical advent calendar this is the case anyway. So our beautiful advent calendars not only shorten the waiting time until Christmas, but also complete their domestic Christmas decoration.

And something else is characterized by the Advent calendar from the Sellmer Verlag: The back of our advent calendars are made of thinner material, such as the front. As a result, the open doors shine when you hang them on a window or place in front of a light source.


Motive advent calendar with painted pictures

And of course it is allowed on our Advent alenders also the glitter not missing. This gives our paper advent calendars their very special Christmas magic. With a lot of sense of design, it is individually decided for each calendar how much mica and at which points of the calendar it is applied.

An advent calendar with pictures is rather inexpensive, so it can be a separate family for everyone from the family, not just for the children. So the adults also have a pre -Christmas joy and you can also enjoy the advent calendars of the others, come into conversation and come up with small stories together.

Let yourself be inspired by our lovingly designed motifs and experience your advent calendar every day!


Historical image advent calendar, reprint from 1955, with reverse images


The advantages of a paper advent calendar with pictures at a glance:

  • relatively inexpensive
  • Small stories are told
  • The imagination is stimulated
  • With a mica for Christmas shine and to match the Christmas decorations
  • Luminous backbilder
  • Lovingly designed designs with different Christmas scenes