Chocolate advent calendar

Advent calendar with chocolate

Our chocolate advent calendars, filled with fair trade chocolate, are just the thing for those with a sweet tooth during Advent. A sweet temptation every day. Are you looking for the most beautiful advent calendar with chocolate? You might find something here! Because our advent calendar with chocolate has a touch of nostalgia! Special nostalgic advent calendars with chocolate are a hit this Christmas season. We even have a Christian advent calendar with chocolate in our range. All chocolate advent calendars are 248 x 355 mm in size. Filled with delicious milk chocolate - fair trade chocolate Christmas calendar, of course.

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The anticipation of Christmas is increased every year with the traditional Advent calendar. Those filled with delicious chocolate are particularly popular. The most beautiful Advent calendars with chocolate not only make children's eyes shine, but also delight adults with a sweet tooth. Here we present you a select selection of the best Advent calendars with chocolate, which you can easily buy online and which will increase your anticipation of Christmas.

Advent calendar with chocolate – nostalgia meets enjoyment


Advent is all about anticipation and nostalgia. This is exactly why Advent calendars filled with chocolate are so popular. They remind us of the time when, as children, we opened a new door every day with shining eyes to discover the sweet surprise. The nostalgic Advent calendars are a wonderful way to relive that feeling of carefreeness and feel the magic of the Christmas season.


The best Advent calendars with chocolate – tradition meets modernity

Nowadays there are a variety of Advent calendars with chocolate. Our lovingly designed Advent calendars are something very special and are second to none. The 2023 Advent calendars from Sellmer Verlag offer a selection of different motifs, from more childlike to nostalgic to religious. So there is something for everyone. Our delicately melting milk chocolate will impress every chocolate lover.


Advent calendar for children with chocolate - make children's eyes light up

For the little ones, Advent is a special time full of excitement and anticipation. An Advent calendar with chocolate puts a smile on their faces every day. The 24 doors that they open with enthusiasm contain small chocolate gifts that sweeten the wait for Christmas. The Christian Advent calendars with chocolate are a nice way to introduce children to the Christmas story in a playful way.


Advent calendar for men with chocolate – moments of enjoyment for the lords of creation

Advent calendars with chocolate are not just a highlight for children and women. Men also enjoy the sweet surprise during Advent. So you can look forward to a little break for pleasure day after day.


Advent is a time of anticipation and contemplation. Advent calendars with chocolate are a wonderful way to celebrate this special time and get in the mood for the upcoming Christmas day after day. The most beautiful Advent calendars with chocolate combine nostalgia with enjoyment and not only make children's hearts beat faster. The best Advent calendars with chocolate offer a wide selection of motifs and are a pleasure for young and old. Whether for children, men or as a Christian Advent calendar with chocolate - the sweet surprises spread joy and put a smile on every face. Discover the variety of Advent calendars with chocolate now and buy your favorite conveniently online. Enjoy the Advent season to the fullest and count the days until Christmas with sweet delicacies!


Fairtrade chocolate advent calendar


Discover a sweet and ethical way to enjoy the Advent season - Fairtrade Chocolate Advent Calendar! These special calendars not only offer delicious chocolate, but also the peace of mind of supporting fair trade practices. Every piece of chocolate is the result of sustainable production and fair remuneration for the cocoa farmers. So you can enjoy the anticipation of Christmas with a clear conscience. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a high-quality Fairtrade Advent calendar from our publisher and experience the pleasure of a sweet surprise every day that will not only delight your taste buds, but also your heart. Order your Fairtrade chocolate Advent calendar online now and make the Advent season a celebration of good taste and solidarity.

Discover the delicious Fairtrade chocolate Advent calendar now - a real joy for young and old! Enjoy the pre-Christmas season with our unique selection of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, without alcohol or nuts. With every sweet surprise you also support fair trade and help protect the environment. Give the gift of sustainable joy and make yourself happy with our Fairtrade Advent calendars. Let yourself be enchanted by heavenly milk chocolate, which will make your Advent season a very special experience. Get your Advent calendar now and look forward to 24 chocolate delights!


Practical tips and advice


Our chocolate calendars are 346mm X 248mm and contain 24 small chocolate pieces with a total of 75g of Fairtrade chocolate. There is a hanging device on the back of the calendar so that the calendar can be easily hung on the wall with a nail or a hook. But of course the calendar can just as easily be placed leaning against a wall or a device. Since the front pages are beautifully and lovingly designed, the Advent calendar is also a great Christmas decoration.


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