Victorian Advent calendar with motifs from former England

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Our popular series Victorian Advent calendar is characterized by Queen Victoria's Victorian age (1819 to 1901). She was Queen from 1837 to 1901. Our motifs are memorabilia of British history. So Christmas must have been in England. The good old time with beautiful clothes, with a carriage or a sled, opulently decorated houses, move back to a past century. This is how they looked at the time: English Advent calendar in the Victorian style - now "made in Germany". Enjoy this beautiful old paper Advent calendar with motifs from England. Here you will find it!



Our advent calendars tell a stories from the Victorian era


How beautiful was Victorian England over 100 years ago? Who doesn't like to look back to the good old days, maybe those times were better than today. This is exactly where our beautiful paper advent calendars start. Experience motifs from Victorian England. Highlights are certainly the beautiful old cars / vintage cars - who wouldn't like to have them. One thinks of beautiful London, where elegantly dressed women stroll around, of the Victorian houses one would like to live in, or of enjoying the opulent London lifestyle to the fullest. Women with great hats and elaborate dresses, wasn't that beautiful in Victorian England? With our motifs of Victorian paper Advent calendars you are in the right place and immerse yourself in a long-forgotten time, the Victorian era.

Did you know that the Victorian era is defined as the period from 1837 to 1907? We want to take you back to exactly this era with our paper advent calendar! Dream and discover long-forgotten times, it's worth it. Buy Victorian style paper advent calendars here. Christmas couldn't be more beautiful for lovers of English advent calendars in the Victorian style. Enjoy our range.

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