Free-standing advent calendars - from Sellmer Verlag

Freestanding advent calendars with nostalgic motifs - with additional front panel

You want a simple one Advent calendar village To set up? Our table of advent in landscape format for setting up is a real eye -catcher, for example on the windowsill. Together with candles or some Christmas decorations, they create a place of cosiness. The elaborate punch gives the table advent calendar a special note.
The Advent calendar crib With Christian motifs, the traditional Christmas story is reminiscent of it! An attractive alternative to a conventional wooden crib.

3-D Paper advent calendars


Discover our beautiful, stand-up advent calendars with nostalgic city scenes in our shop. If you are looking for an advent calendar house, you have come to the right place with these calendars! Nostalgic motifs show beautiful city and village scenes and let you reminisce about times gone by. It doesn't always have to be the calendar with chocolate: let's reflect on the simple and enjoy the beautifully designed 3D house calendars that tell us little stories of bygone times.

With each of these plastic Advent calendars made of cardboard, house follows house and there is a lot to discover.

And who knows: maybe one or the other of you will discover in our extensive range of paper Advent calendars with a house, an Advent calendar that he or she already had in your childhood, because many of these Advent calendars with houses and pictures come from the 50s , 60's and 70's.



Our advent calendar with house motifs in 3D


Our 3D advent calendar house is plastic and can be set up. By folding in the two outer sides or by inserting various backdrops, beautiful, plastic villages and towns are created. These advent calendars are a beautiful Christmas decoration and accompany young and old through the advent season. There is something for children to discover house by house in every 3D advent calendar. Our advent calendars tell little stories and stimulate the imagination. And the special thing about calendars from Sellmer-Verlag: the back images complement and continue the front. So the children look forward to opening the little door every day and are curious to see what is hidden behind it.

But adults will also have a lot of fun with these beautiful, nostalgic calendars and will feel transported back to their childhood days. Experience a great Advent season and discover pictures and little stories in every house with one of these great Advent calendars.

We offer you various motifs for setting up:

On the one hand, there are some, in long format. With these, the two outer sides on the left and right can be folded inwards and set up like this. If you place a light source behind these calendars, the open doors will light up because the back is made of thinner paper. A wonderful side effect that is inherent to our advent calendars.


But then there are also the very elaborately designed advent calendars with backdrops. These backdrops are inserted by hand. By unfolding the scenery, a 3D image is created, which gives the advent calendar its very own character. Some of these house scenes only have 1 backdrop, but there are also some with several, up to our most elaborate advent calendar with 6 backdrops. There are doors in each of the 6 scenes. A small work of art and a beautiful decoration in your Christmas-decorated home.


Browse our shop for inspiration and let one of these little works of art accompany you through the 24 days until Christmas!




Adventskalender zum Aufstellen - aufwendig gestanzter Weihnachtskalender

Das Besondere dieser Adventskalender ist die Dreidimensionalität. Ausgestanzte Konturen, eine eingesteckte,
konturgestanzte Kulisse - oft mit Durchblickeffekt - verleihen diesen schönen Adventskalendern eine besondere Tiefe.
Oft wird hinter diesen Adventskalendern eine Lichtquelle (z. Bsp. LEDs) installiert und die Szene des Kalenders
mit weiteren freistehenden Figuren ergänzt (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten). Eine nette Weihnachtsdekoration, die
jeden Tag Beachtung finden wird.

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