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A Christian Advent calendar for children and adults

Our Christian Christmas calendars accompany you through the Advent season. Advent means arrival, the arrival of Jesus Christ. Our church advent calendars lead them to this wonderful event, the birth of the Son of God. Here you will find lovingly designed motifs that reproduce the Christmas story. All motifs tell Christian stories. Let's not forget that the birth of Jesus Christ is the Christian origin of the Advent! Even a Christian advent calendar with chocolate we have in the program.

Christian pictures and motifs for the Advent season with a lot of tradition

All advent calendars are related to the Christmas story. Here you will not only find advent calendars with church motifs, but also advent calendars with the crib as the focal point, i.e. a Christmas crib. Of course, the birth of Jesus is always in the foreground. All advent calendars have Christian motifs behind the little doors that tell the Christmas story. You will find the following motif variants in our range:

  • The stable of Bethlehem
  • church interiors
  • Arrival of the Three Kings
  • wintry nativity scenes
  • Life in Bethlehem
  • Stable of Bethlehem


Who can you make happy with our Christian advent calendar?

Our advent calendars are suitable for both children and adults. Children are brought closer to the Christmas story with a Christian advent calendar.
Advent calendar for kindergarten: The Christmas story is particularly interesting for the little ones. With our advent calendars, the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of the baby Jesus is presented in a colorful and child-friendly way.
But grandparents also enjoy an advent calendar, a Christian advent calendar as a gift for grandma or grandpa.

  • Children : Colorful narration of the Christmas story
  • Parents: Beautiful motifs for Christian families
  • Churches: Religious, pictorial accompaniment through the Advent season, or as a small gift for kindergarten children


Told in pictures and inspired by the Bible: The birth of Jesus and the Christmas story with 24 colorful little doors


Our advent calendars are not only a pre-Christmas companion, but of course also focus on Christmas day as the birth of Jesus Christ. That's why we celebrate Christmas. Many of our Christmas calendars therefore have the nativity scene as the main motif in the foreground - Maria Joseph and the baby Jesus in the nativity scene. The event is often framed by the shepherds coming to the stable and the Three Kings.

Krippen Adventskalender

Christian advent calendar background

At the end of the nineteenth century, the first forms of the Advent calendar were developed. Mainly in religious, evangelical families people began to count the time until Christmas Day, the birth of Jesus Christ. At that time there were no printed advent calendars - certainly not with doors as we know them today. Instead, very simple variants were chosen. A well-known example is a Christmas candle that could be burnt a little further each day, or chalk marks were wiped off a door. A wooden crib was gradually fitted with straws so that on the twenty-fourth the baby Jesus could lie softly.

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