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Nostalgic advent calendar with pictures and Christmas motifs

Advent calendar for hanging the size of approx. 21 x 29.7 cm. Tip: The reversible pictures shine when you hang the calendar in front of a light source. An important element of our advent calendars is that Christmas treewho can be found on most motifs: where can you discover it?

Paper advent calendars and advent calendars with glitter


Paper Advent calendars from the traditional publisher Sellmer have a very special charm that will brighten up the Advent season in an atmospheric way. Our cardboard Advent calendars show contemplative, romantic and nostalgic Christmas scenes that invite you to dream. Fine glitter provides the Christmassy icing on the cake, which gives the calendars a sparkling magic - pine tips, stars and snowy landscapes glitter beautifully depending on the incidence of light and underline the Christmas atmosphere. We offer our calendars in different formats, all of which have their own advantages. For example, choose one Large format calendar. You can hang it on the wall and enjoy the Christmas motifs. In the smaller format, the paper calendars are ideal as table decorations. For example, ask a Postcard advent calendar next to the Advent wreath.


Buy paper advent calendars - order conveniently online


Sellmer Verlag offers a large selection of paper advent calendars for every budget. Our cardboard advent calendars with glitter are a real must for everyone who likes it nostalgic in the run-up to Christmas. You can buy our paper Advent calendars in our online shop - order conveniently online and the calendars will be delivered to your home within a few days. We offer you many variants: Paper advent calendar to send, paper advent calendar with glitter and Large paper advent calendar. Our advent calendars in a nostalgic style are particularly popular, reminding us of contemplative Christmases in the past.

Extraordinary gift idea for the Advent season


You've probably already collected some gift ideas, but have you ever wondered why you can give a friend an extraordinary treat with a paper advent calendar? Paper advent calendars with pictures hold a surprise that you won't find in other calendars: every day a door is opened, the Christmas scenery is completed. As a rule, the picture behind the door complements what is happening on the front of the paper advent calendar. The atmospheric Christmas scene will gradually be completed by December 24th. You can give your loved ones a lasting gift with our paper Advent calendars: the recipient will think of you every day when the little door is opened. They give away anticipation for Christmas and ensure Christmas feelings that get bigger with each passing day.


Advent calendar without chocolate - but with a lot of Christmas spirit


In the classic Advent calendar hides chocolate. A paper calendar that doesn't contain any calories is much healthier - but enchants with pure Christmas spirit. Therefore, Advent calendars without chocolate are ideal for adults who consciously avoid sweets and still want to look forward to a pre-Christmas surprise every day. A paper advent calendar is also a nice alternative for parents who want to keep an eye on their children's sugar consumption. Choose an advent calendar with mica to make your children's eyes light up! Our cardboard advent calendars are all made in Stuttgart: Quality from Swabia. Our advent calendars without chocolate are so interesting for adults and children alike because they tell a story that goes on a little bit every day.


Advent calendar with glitter - it sparkles so wonderfully


Our advent calendars with mica are the sparkling highlight for the pre-Christmas period. When the paper calendar glitters in the candlelight, the Christmas feeling is perfect. Because glitter on Advent calendars is reminiscent of frosty winter landscapes, ice and snow. Perhaps many people love glitter advent calendars so much because they have a fairytale character. Even as children we were magically attracted to glitter and mica. Sparkling things have a high-quality, noble effect and are as much a part of Christmas as Christmas trees and cookies. Choose your favorite motif from various scenarios. Whether it's a nativity scene, a winter forest or a visit from Santa Claus - our range of Advent calendars with glitter is sure to include a motif that will make your heart beat faster. You can find glittering advent calendars in our shop in different formats - from postcard size until A4-Format. Nostalgics and vintage lovers will surely go into raptures when they see our nostalgic advent calendar with glitter. Victorian Christmas Scenes receive an additional magical charm through the mica.


This is how mica gets on our calendars


Advent calendars with glittering details are part of our permanent product portfolio. We have been offering this for 80 years. Glitter used to be applied by hand. Employees who were sitting on the assembly line took the calendars off the line and pulled them through bowls filled with glitter particles - that was pretty laborious! Then came the glitter revolution: in the 1970s, Tim Sellmer, son of our company founder, developed a machine that automated glittering. This Glitzermaschine has been in use almost every day for over 50 years and does its job faithfully and reliably. Of course, improvements need to be made here and there. But we are particularly proud of our machine and would never want to be without it again. She is unique.


When was the first advent calendar printed on paper?


Paper Advent calendars have a long tradition and can be traced back to a very specific person. Gerhard Lang, who lived from 1881 to 1974, was a pastor's son from Maulbronn in Swabia. He is considered to be the inventor of the first printed - albeit doorless - advent calendar. This came on the market in Munich in 1908. At that time it was sold under the name Christmas calendar. Colored drawings could be cut out of cardboard and gradually glued onto a cardboard motif template. This created a colorful and atmospheric scene for Christmas Eve. From 1945 Richard Sellmer brought Advent calendars with opening doors onto the market. Today, Sellmer is the epitome of high-quality and unusual paper Advent calendars that are designed with attention to detail. If Postcard calendar, Paper calendar with Christianand nostalgic motifs or glitter advent calendars: Our heart beats for special calendars that sweeten the advent season and invite you to dream.

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