Midi-Panorama Advent Calendars

Discover our mid-format Advent Calendar of approx. 10 x 31 cm. An extraordinary panoramic shape. Will come with envelope.

Our calendar postcards as midi panorama

Wonderfully designed city scenes or wintry landscapes that invite you on a journey of discovery extend over a length of 30 cm.
Make your friends, relatives, business partners or customers happy and send one with our midi panoramas
extraordinary Christmas calendar. Lots of space for Advent greetings on our panorama postcards.

Our postcards in midi format measure 100 x 310 mm and thus offer a perfect panoramic area for Christmas scenes.
Despite the unusual dimensions, you can set up these calendar postcards just like our mini advent calendars in A6 format
and of course you can also add Christmas greetings.
And there is really a lot of space for this in the midi panorama. At the same time, this offers a lot of freedom for creative minds.
Perhaps you could link the greetings to a wish list for a present or add a creative touch to the greeting card
add modified Christmas poem.
Whatever comes to mind when it comes to Advent and Christmas greetings - our panorama postcards as Advent calendars leave the necessary space for it.
Incidentally, these cards also come with a white envelope, but this time as a large letter to match the panorama.

All advent calendars are made of high quality cardboard and are very elaborately designed. The windows, the half-timbering, the doors, the
Shop window shops, the city dwellers, the animals - all of this is very lovingly designed and shown in great detail. Thanks to the wide panorama format
Above all, the artistic cityscapes come into their own, whether as a row of houses or as an image of an entire old town.
Finding the door can be equated with a short trip through the streets decorated for Christmas. A journey on which there is much more to it
discover there than just the current month number in December. But the forest motifs also come into their own on the calendar postcards with panorama view.
Children in particular will be enthusiastic about the many animals that can be discovered here and cannot wait to see
to open the next door.

Advent calendar as a postcard - our bestsellers in midi panorama format

For our panorama postcards we have selected bestsellers from our range that are already very good as mini postcards or A4 calendars
were successful. For example, the motif "The small town" - the motif of the first Sellmer calendar from the post-war years - belongs to this selection.
As with the original, we have also attached great importance to detail in the panorama version and can thus present the entire row of houses in their full beauty.

Let yourself be captivated by the nostalgic, detailed designs and get yourself with the calendar postcards
a romantic, contemplative Christmas ambience home from Sellmer Verlag. "

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