Advent calendar crib

An advent calendar with crib puts the happenings of the Christmas history in the foreground

At Christmas you remember the birth of Jesus Christ. That's why we celebrate Christmas!

With our cribs of Advent calendars, you bring your children to Christmas history. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a crib. How happy to take children in the kindergarten on a nativity game during the Advent season! Beautiful cribs Advent calendar and Christmas cards with crib motif can be found below.

Building the Christmas crèche is a tradition and is nice to look at!

With a crib Advent calendar, you can prepare your children at this beautiful time. Would not this be an advent calendar for kindergartens or elementary school? Our advent calendars show the history of Mary and Joseph and the crib at the center, or the Bible history. What is there more beautiful than to bring the Bible closer to our children! Childlich represented and colorful. Crib motifs are part of our Christian Advent Calendar Series available in numerous motifs and variants.

Not only do we have childish motives in the program, but also a crib traditional - rather for adults. All paper Advent calendar cribs have one thing in common, they can be purchased at affordable prices, accompany them through the beautiful Advent season and thus prepare - at least 24 days - a pleasure.

Our tip: Advent calendar as an alternative to wooden crèche - cost-effective and colorful, a beautiful companion through the Advent season. Buy a Christmas crèche does not have to be expensive.


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