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An extraordinary alternative to classic postcards During the advent season, mini advent calendars are to send. Make your loved ones with our detailed and high -quality postcards Advent calendars a very special joy and surprise! Our exclusive Advent calendar cards are available from the traditional publisher Sellmer. Made from solid paper, our lovely illustrated postcards are the perfect combination of advent calendar and Christmas card. Do your Christmas mail in November. Our advent calendar for sending have three describable pages for your good wishes.

Postcard Advent Calendars with Doors

Like our classic Advent calendars made of paper in large format, the postcard Advent calendars have 24 small doors. Behind each door are Christmas scenes that will brighten up the wait for Christmas. Choose your personal favourites from various motifs and simply send Advent calendars by post this year! In addition to classic Bible scenes such as the manger in Bethlehem, you will also find nostalgic motifs in our shop - for example, snowy winter landscapes or a Victorian-style visit from Father Christmas.
Small Advent calendar, big effect

Our mini Advent calendars in postcard format are space-saving. Of course, the cards can be hung on the wall like normal Advent calendars, where they are a pre-Christmas eye-catcher. But your loved ones can also place the small calendars on the windowsill, on the shelf or as a table decoration next to the Advent wreath. They are also perfect for the office. As an Advent decoration, the postcards fit on any desk and, with their enchanting motifs, create a bit of a festive mood in the working day.

How to send your Advent calendars

The postcards Advent calendars from Sellmer are designed as practical folding cards. On the front is the actual calendar with the 24 little doors. When the card is opened, there is space for personal greetings. You can use a total of three writeable pages for your pre-Christmas message. The small format of the cards makes it possible to send them at low postage costs. You can simply send our small Advent calendars Made in Germany in the matching envelope, which is of course enclosed with the cards. A standard postage rate of 0.80 cents (as of November 2021; see Deutsche Post postage calculator) is sufficient to send the mini Advent calendars to your loved ones. Surprise your friends with this little Advent greeting, which is a Christmas card and Advent calendar in one and will be the focus of the recipient's attention for 24 days.
How big is a postcard?

Our Advent calendars for sending have the classic DIN A6 format. This means that the postcard measures 10.5 x 14.8 cm. In addition to the standard size, you can also find postcard Advent calendars in Panorama Midi format in our Sellmer online shop. These measure 10 x 31 cm and offer a larger area for Christmas scenes. Of course, this format also comes with a matching envelope.
The origin and true meaning of Advent

With the beginning of the Advent season, peace returns - at least that is the actual meaning of this time. The word Advent means "arrival of Christ" and comes from Latin. The Advent season begins four weeks before Christmas. That is why we also light a candle on the Advent wreath every Sunday in Advent. The Advent wreath combines various Christian symbols. On the one hand, the light of the candles stands for the birth of Christ. On the other hand, the fir green symbolises hope and eternal life - just like the circular shape of the wreath.
Time for peace and contemplation

Originally, the time before Christmas was for fasting, introspection and a conscious escape from everyday life. Today, unfortunately, far too few people consciously take time to reflect and find peace. Instead, the pre-Christmas period is characterised by stress and hectic. Don't let this infect you. You can enjoy the Advent season with small rituals. For example, you can reflect on what you have experienced in the past year - and what you are grateful for.
The Advent season - perfect for sending loving greetings

Writing Advent greetings is also a wonderful way to enjoy the Advent season in its true sense. Consciously take time to write postcards to your loved ones. Light candles, drink a cup of Christmas tea and calmly think about the warm words you would like to send to your friends, colleagues and family.
"Happy Advent!" - Advent greeting ideas

You've found the perfect Advent calendar postcard for your loved ones. Now you may be faced with the question, "What do I write for Advent?" After all, it's too early for "Merry Christmas". Instead, you could give thanks for the year together, for beautiful experiences in the past months or for strength and help in darker hours. Close your personal words by simply wishing a "Happy Advent!".
Proverbs and quotes for the pre-Christmas season

If you are a lover of sayings and quotes, then you should take a look around the internet. Here you will find various sites that collect sayings, aphorisms and quotations on the topics of Advent and the pre-Christmas period.

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