Order high-quality Advent calendars at affordable prices

Experience our extensive range of lovingly designed Advent calendars. We've been producing since the 1945 Advent Calendar.

On our website you will find via 140 Advent Calendar.

Your shopping experience for Children's Advent Calendar, and Adult Advent Calendar   Yeah. and many more, browse our pages!

We have remained true to our line all these years.

Our first Advent calendar appeared 1946:

Advent calendar The small town

All our Advent calendars have one thing in common:

They were designed with love and tell a story. There is much to discover - 24 days.

Choose a Sellmer Advent calendar!

Our latest Advent calendar of 2021:

At Sellmer Verlag it is easy to order Advent calendar In the shop you can easily browse from home, find, select and put in the shopping cart, enter address data, select payment requests and you can order the Advent Calendar.

An Advent calendar is part of the Christmas season like the Christmas tree.

If you order a Sellmer Advent calendar, childhood memories will surely wake up. This is what we want and we wish you much joy with it.


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