Advent calendar with plenty of space for labeling

Our advent calendars in A5 format are available in many nostalgic motif variants, both with
Christian designs as well as city or Christmas market views. Every postcard in A5 captivates
through very detailed paintings - with the people or buildings in the foreground as well as with the objects in the background.

This is a very special experience for children: they can come up with the Christmas motifs
Go in search of clues and always discover something new. If you had, for example, the Christ Child at the Nürnberger
Seen the Christmas market? The cat that looks curiously from the roof at the “Star of Bethlehem” motif? Or the blackbird that
hopping around on the snow-covered skylight?

In addition to the daily search for the current door, the Sellmer Advent calendars also invite you to
Look for stories and secrets that are hidden behind the Christmas motifs.
From motley to nostalgic color schemes Since our advent calendars are designed by different graphic artists, there are many different styles.
The spectrum ranges from an extremely colorful design to a subdued, wintry atmosphere,
which still spreads a lot of warmth due to the brightly lit windows and lights. So there is something for everyone
and every preference in terms of Christmas decorations has something to match.
Advent calendar in A5 format including envelope.
Even if writing letters is very little widespread in times of modern means of communication, it has
Post in the weeks before Christmas a lot of extra work with letter post. Because Christmas greetings will still be
preferably sent by post. Take the opportunity this year and send your Christmas mail to relatives, friends and customers
or business partners a little earlier and combine the whole thing with a nice gift for the whole of Advent
- with our advent calendars in A5 format. A white envelope is included with every calendar so that you can use the
Buy everything except for the stamp.

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