Advent calendar for children

There's nothing more beautiful for children than Christmas. With a lovingly designed Advent calendar, the waiting time until Christmas Eve is brought a little closer every day. With excitement, what lies behind the next Turk is expected. The open Turks complement the events on the front pagegradually a lively motive emerges.

Our motives are characterized by a loving, detailed design. On our Children's Advent Calendar is much to discoverYeah. Many stories can be developed with imagination. Or how about an Advent calendar to paint? For your children a beautiful and creative employment in the pre-Christmas period. It doesn't always have to be chocolate, with these Advent calendars for boys and girls you will surely delight!


Christmas Eve is a very special day for children.

Anticipation is the greatest joy, but children can usually hardly wait
until Christmas Eve is finally here.

So what could be nicer than waiting with an advent calendar
for children from Sellmer?
As soon as you get up, open a door every day until Christmas Eve
is finally here, that makes children's hearts beat faster. Please your children with this one
beautiful tradition that has been around for over a hundred years.

You are exactly right with a Sellmer Advent calendar for children.

We have countless children's motifs in our program and all Advent calendars tell a story.
This stimulates the phantasy of the beholder, you will see! It doesn't always have to be chocolate!
That is why we specialize in the production of advent calendars with pictures.
And it is particularly important to us that what comes out from behind the door matches the front,
yes told a story! This not only stimulates the imagination of the youngest,
but the whole family can come up with little stories together.
And of course the Christmas light glitter should not be missing on the advent calendars.
Because children love glitter and it gives every advent calendar a very special magic.
We are in close contact with our graphic designers and attach particular importance to
that the picture behind the door complements the front picture (transforming door).
For your "little ones" a new surprise every day that they can look forward to the evening before!

Advent calendars for children - the plus in the run-up to Christmas:

- real alternative to filled, expensive advent calendars
- lovingly drawn details
- made in our Christmas workshop in Stuttgart
- hang the advent calendar on the window and the back images light up!
Browse through our shop, you will surely find many favorite advent calendars.

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