Advent calendar for adults- for lovers of old traditions

Advent calendar for old and young. Not only children, but also adults, are increasingly enjoying the art objects made of paper. Especially in adults, the collection of old Advent calendars is becoming more popular. Childhood memories wake up.

Advent calendar "In the room"As oldest Advent calendar publisher in the world the Richard Sellmer Verlag offers a great wealth of historical adventure calendars. Adult Advent Calendar, not necessarily for children. Browse our assortment, you will find many reprints of old Christmas calendars. Dive into a Christmas world of old times.

Or visit our Museumthere we show various old motifs that are no longer available to buy. Our own Company offers various interesting details on the development of the Advent calendar.

Advent calendars are noweI have become a desired collection object.

Adult adventure calendars are also popular decorations during the Christmas season and often decorate the Christmas room.

Perhaps our website can help you complete your collection with one or other beautiful Advent calendar. Our Publishing directory with all Advent calendars You can also find it on our website. There are also various literature on the subject of Advent Calendars, such as:

  • Advent calendar in the changing of time, Markus Mergenthaler, publisher J.H. Roll
  • Advent calendar, Esther Gajek, South German publisher

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