Advent calendar crib with Christian motifs

An advent calendar with crib puts the events of the Christmas story in the foreground

At Christmas you remember the crib scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. That's why we celebrate Christmas!

With our cribs Advent calendars, they bring the Christmas story closer to their children. Jesus was born in a crib in Bethlehem. How happy children in kindergarten take part in a nativity play during the Advent season! You can find beautiful cribs Advent calendar and Christmas cards with crèche motif below.

Setting up the nativity scene is a tradition and beautiful to behold! 


With a crib advent calendar you can prepare your children for this beautiful time. Wouldn't that also be an advent calendar for kindergartens or elementary school? Our advent calendars show the story of Mary and Joseph and the manger in the center, or the Bible story. What could be nicer than bringing our children closer to the Bible! Childlike and colourful. Nativity scene motifs are part of our Christian advent calendar series, which are available in numerous motifs and variants. We not only have child motifs in our program, but also a traditional crib - more for adults.


All paper advent calendar cribs have one thing in common, they can be purchased at affordable prices, accompany you through the beautiful Advent season and thus bring joy - for at least 24 days. Our tip: Advent calendars as an alternative to the wooden nativity scene - inexpensive and colourful, a beautiful companion throughout the Advent season. Buying a Christmas crib does not have to be expensive. An Advent calendar with a nativity scene puts the events of the Christmas story in the foreground. Enjoy our crib advent calendars. Children in kindergarten love to take part in a nativity play! Surprise your children with our crib advent calendar.


Where do crib advent calendars actually come from?

Origin of the advent calendar with a nativity scene


Advent, actually the coming of the Lord (Latin for coming of the Lord), denotes the season in which Christianity prepares for the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas (Wikipedia).

This is how the tradition of the Advent calendar developed, which became very popular in this Christmas season. The origins of the Advent calendar can be traced back to the end of the 19th century. The advent calendar was created in a religious, protestant environment. The religious aspect of the advent calendar was in the foreground. Children in particular should be prepared for the celebration of the birth of Christ with a Christmas timepiece.


Created in the context of the pre-Christmas period...

In the families of that time in the 19th century, devotions were held daily, or Bible texts, prayers were read in order to achieve a calendar sequence in the run-up to Christmas. From this environment, the first early forms of the Advent calendar as we know it today can be found.


How did the crib format for Christmas calendars come about?

There were many forms of the early religious Advent calendar. For example, it was very easy to wipe away a chalk line on a door or blackboard. On Christmas Eve it was all gone.

There were also Advent candles, which could be burned a little more every day. Bibelzahlen-Adventskalender

In the Catholic area, an empty crib was often prepared. The children were allowed to fill the crib with straws or feathers every day so that the "Christ Child" could lie softly at Christmas. This is certainly how the punched paper cribs and advent calendars with crib motifs came about.


Crib advent calendar as a collector's item

Nativity scene advent calendars are very popular today, especially among adults. Older specimens often have 25 doors, since Christmas Day used to be the most important holiday. They are often collectibles. The nativity scene advent calendars are available in a wide variety of forms: from the inexpensive flat advent calendars that only show the nativity scene visually, to the elaborately punched, stand-up advent calendars that show the whole event in three dimensions. There was also a tear-off calendar as a crib. Every day, one side could be separated from a block and a nativity scene figure cut out of it. There are also advent calendars on the market today as buildable cribs. In this way, the events at the nativity scene can be supplemented with a figure/animal/object every day, so that the nativity scene appears complete on Christmas Eve.

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