Advent Calendars with City motifs

Enjoy one of our city advent calendars, which are designed in harmonious, strong colors. An "eye -catcher" in every Christmas room. All regional advent calendars are decorated with mica, Various reverse images show sights from the respective city. For example the Cologne Advent calendar, the Stuttgart Advent calendar or the Hamburg Advent calendar. An attractive souvenir or memorial! If you hang the advent calendar in front of a light source, the reverse images shine. Suitable for young and old, because there is a lot to discover on these advent calendars.

  • An attractive and extraordinary souvenir
  • Advent calendar made in Germany
  • some sights as a backbict
  • Large format of approx. A3

Paper Advent calendars are a nice tradition for enjoying the pre-Christmas period and getting in the mood for the festivities.

A new idea are now Advent calendars without filling with motifs of the city as a souvenir. With this special advent calendar you can discover a new picture every day and get to know your city from a new perspective. The idea for these advent calendars came from a group of artists and designers in the city. They wanted to create something special that not only brings joy in the run-up to Christmas, but can also serve as a memento of the city.

This is how the idea came about to immortalize the most famous sights and landmarks of the city in an advent calendar. The advent calendars are made of high-quality paper and each door is lovingly designed. The motifs range from historic buildings and well-known parks to modern works of art.


These advent calendars make perfect gifts for locals and visitors to the city. The pictures are designed in such a way that they not only bring joy in the run-up to Christmas, but are also a reminder of the beauty of the city all year round. In this way, even people who do not live in the city can have a piece of this special city in their home. The advent calendars are available in different sizes to meet every need.


Another advantage of these advent calendars is that they are environmentally friendly. They contain no plastic parts or other unnecessary frills. Instead, they are made from high-quality paper that can be easily recycled. So you can enjoy the pre-Christmas period without polluting the environment.


The advent calendars are also a nice gift for people who don't have much space. Since they have no filling, they are very compact and can be easily stowed away. In this way you can also cultivate a beautiful Advent tradition in small apartments or houses.


All in all, the paper advent calendars with city motifs are a beautiful and unique idea for enjoying the pre-Christmas period and discovering the beauty of the city. They are eco-friendly, compact and make perfect gifts for locals and visitors to the city.

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