Advent calendar for grandma and grandpa

The most beautiful advent calendars for grandma and grandpa to give away

Are you already grandma and grandpa? Then you will definitely enjoy giving your grandchildren something! Preparing the grandchildren is the most beautiful thing about being a grandma and grandpa. Do you know the beautiful, old, old paper from your own childhood, where a small picture comes out behind the doors? Most of the time, children have very expensive, large advent calendars with toys or at least chocolate. But does that have to be? There are more than enough sweets in the Advent and Christmas season and in the toy advent calendars there is usually only a small "nipple", which then lies around everywhere.

We from Richard Sellmer Verlag have specialized in the original advent calendars from the "good old days". And that since 1945. You certainly know these calendars from your own childhood. As before, our calendars are made of paper with a picture behind every door. And who knows, if you browse in the shop with us, you may even find one or the other motive that you had in childhood. Because in addition to numerous new motifs, we also have many motifs from the 50s and 60s.

The special thing about our calendar is that you tell small stories. The reversible images continue the front and complement them. So it remains exciting every day what is hidden behind the door and how it goes on. The imagination of their grandchildren is stimulated and they can be told every day what the children discovered.

The most beautiful advent calendars for grandma and grandpa

But not only the grandchildren are happy about our advent calendars, but also for grandma and grandpa itself they are a more wonderful timepiece in the Advent season and also sell grandma and grandpa for Christmas.

An advent calendar for grandma and an advent calendar for grandpa are a nice surprise with which you will definitely enjoy your grandparents. Don't you want to give away a Christmas calendar? Certainly your grandparents remember their own childhood and who knows, maybe they have one or the other beautiful memory that they share with you.

In our shop you will find many beautiful advent calendars for grandparents.

Crafts a simple alternative to the advent calendar: our AMMAL ADVERATION CALES

Our are also a wonderful idea for your grandparents Advent calendar for coloring The front shows a popular motif from our range, but only the outlines. So you can paint the motif yourself. The back with the back pictures that emerge behind the doors is already designed in color. The doors are also danced in so that you do not have to be active with the scissors.

How do you find the idea: tinkering an advent calendar for grandma, or an advent calendar for grandpa?

And we have another tip for you in stock: How about if you would write a saying on the inside of the doors, which is white? Then grandma and grandpa can not only look at a picture every day and enjoy it, but also have a sensible saying or a wisdom that they accompany them during the day. And a "normal" image advent calendar has already become an advent calendar with sayings for grandma and grandpa.

Great Christmas motifs for the grandparents

To make the motif selection easier for your grandparents, we present some particularly beautiful specimens here:


 Advent calendar innovations 2022 This beautiful, nostalgic advent calendar with the title "Christmas Eve in the village" conveys a cozy atmosphere and reminds of the good old days.
Historical advent calendar motifs from our archive Our advent calendar "Small city in the moonlight"Is a very special advent calendar: This advent calendar can be set up by the numerous plugged backdrops and thus forms a beautiful, plastic village. There are doors in all scenes.
Advent calendar The small city from 1946

This advent calendar entitled "Small city"Was the very first advent calendar from our publisher and at the same time the very first Advent calendar after World War II. By folding the two side parts, this advent calendar can also be set up and is also a wonderful Christmas decoration. And who knows: maybe grandma and grandpa know This advent calendar still from your childhood?

Advent calendar in large format "Engeltraum" Our advent calendar "Angela"Is a calendar for hanging and is ideal for hanging it on a window or in front of a light source. Because when you open the doors, the back pictures shine. A beautiful, nostalgic motif that will certainly be a lot of fun for your grandparents.


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